Apple has a good brand because they have a good product

Guy Kawasaki with Gabriele Carboni

Step number one is to have a good product. If you have it, everything else follows.

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I had the chance to talk with Guy Kawasaki, one of the men who changed the world with Apple. He was in the team led by Steve Jobs that released the Macintosh back in the ‘80s. He later became Apple’s Chief Evangelist. No better person to ask the question: “why people buy from Apple?”.

I talked about this interview also in episode number 06 of my Differentiation Podcast. You can listen to it on iTunes, Spotify or Podbean.

“Step number one is to have a good product. If you have it, everything else follows”. Guy Kawasaki, former Chief Evangelist at Apple.

If you are familiar with the Marketing Distinguo method to distinguish your product or company from the competition, you noticed that the brand is never mentioned. I also explained the method in my first podcast, and you can find more information on

The card deck you will see on the website helps you to apply the method to answer the question “why should I buy your product?”. None of the cards is about the brand. Why? Because the brand is a consequence of your Marketing Distinguo, not a part of it.

As Kawasaki confirmed, customers buy from a company because of the product, not because of the brand: “If you don’t have a good product, everything is going to be hard. It may sound simple, but the reason Apple has a good brand is that they have a good product. That’s 90% of it. After that, in today’s world is easier and less expensive with social media to build a brand”.

Sometimes it can be hard to find what makes the company different from the competition. But if the business is running, there is a Marketing Distinguo for sure. You just have to find it. The process of the Marketing Distinguo method is very simple, it has only three steps. They are explained in detail in my e-book “The Marketing Distinguo: differentiation in three steps” you can download on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited.

Once you have defined your Marketing Distinguo, you can start building your brand. The concrete characteristics that will emerge from the process, will give you specific topics for your communication strategy. You cannot build a brand on smoke and mirrors.

Also, it’s hard to build a brand based on a product or a service that is not different from the competition, that doesn’t have any unique characteristics that are valuable for customers.

Remember: 90% of the brand is the product (or service), and it has to be different.

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